Social Media – Something Old, Something New Infographic

history of social media thumb 150x150 Social Media   Something Old, Something New InfographicSocial Media has become an integral part of the palette available to small business, upon which to paint their inbound marketing message.

Before we get to the Infographic I’d like to share with you here something I tell each of my clients when discussing social media as a strategy for inbound marketing.

For many small business owners it’s a whole new experience.  Truth is it’s not as new as most people think.  It’s been with us, in one manner or another, for a very long time.

Social Media Something Old

When I began in this industry, before the Internet and the World Wide Web was launched to the wider public, we were using tools like email, messages to bulletin boards, participating in Fido Net and CompuServe, I was even a Usenet Moderator for three “Big 8″ newsgroups in the* hierarchy for a decade.

All of these tools were forms social media.  Different names, different software and technology, no catchy name – but the same fundamental principles applied.

You were able to use these tools for inbound marketing.  Yes – even back then – and many of us did.  In fact they came with many of the same benefits and albeit disadvantages and risks we experience now with social media.  If they did not we’d never have needed Moderators in the first instance.

Social Media Something New

Clearly the biggest difference, apart from the software and tools used, is the sheer scale.  Where the historical tools and services attracted millions of users social media harnesses hundreds of millions of users.  Where previously mostly technology and software companies widely participated now any small business can take advantage of this.  We’re the scope was once strictly global now even local markets can be targeted by small business using social media.

Social Media is not new, in the strictest sense of the word.  It’s an established, tried and tested medium with which to reach out and communicate.

The Marriage of Small Business and Social Media

Your business may be the on-line equivalent of a blushing bride  or perhaps it’s an established matriarch, but one thing remains consistent.  Social networking is not going away.  Social media is well established. In some form or other it’s here for the long haul. Ignore it at the peril of business viability.

Social Media Historical Infographic


history of social media1 Social Media   Something Old, Something New Infographic
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*Reproduced from CopyBlogger - with their kind permission.